Client: Puma


Project Scope: apparel, iconography



Apparel graphics for industry-leading athletic brand Puma Global. Puma came to me looking for a solid line of creative, game-changing apparel graphics that fit into the lifestyle and/or streetwear demographic, which extends beyond the barriers of their athletic reputation.

"Investing in quality graphics is as good as any marketing campaign or sponsored athlete. There is a trove of creative (delivered) that I am very pleased with.  A++ work!"

- Thom Gridley; Senior Apparel at Puma Global

"Propagate the Hustle" slogan badge graphics were created to highlight one of Puma's strongest lifestyle slogans.

Halftoned typography apparel graphics were created to display another popular Puma phrase, "From This Day Forth." The founding date of 1948 is also displayed here.