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I get these types of inquires often, and in an effort to clarify what I do (as well as filter out silly and nonsensical questions and save you the hassle) I thought it was best to address them beforehand. In other words, if you find your question on the list below... it might be best to keep it to yourself ;) (Yes, these are all actual inquires from my inbox).

Q: Do you sell skateboards? Can I have one?

A: No. And no. I'm not a skateboard manufacturer.


Q: Will you design MY skateboard? I have no budget, but I like your style!

A: Thank you! And no.


Q: Hi, I want to make a logo on a skateboard (end message).

A: ? (deletes email)


Q: I have a technical question about Wix, I cant figure it out!! Please help now!

A: Visit "Wix Customer Service." 


Q: How do I make my website look better? It looks bad. What do I do to make it good?

A: Hire a designer


Q: Hi. I was wondering if you could send me some promotional stuff like stickers, hats, 

      shirts... whatever you got! (end message)

A: Um...what?



Q: Can you please introduce me to someone who can help me with my design?  Even if I have

     to pay a percentage of money once I've made enough progress? Call me!

A: Someone who can design AND might want payment at some point? Not sure I know anyone...


Q: I think your site is so creative! Did you build it yourself or did you use an actual designer?

A: ...

Q: I own a (whatever) company! Will you design a (whatever) product for me? I have $50 with your name on it!

A: (deletes email)

Q: Hi, I'm an aspiring puppeteer, and...

A: (deletes email)

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