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Project Scope: packaging, branding, iconography, apparel

Honors: GDUSA American Packaging Award, 3 more (original packaging)

Photo Credits: Mill House; Kimberly Glatz, Craig Valentino

Mill House Brewing Company, an artisanal restaurant and brewery located in Poughkeepsie NY, was looking to take their core, seasonal & rotational beers from the taps to the shelves. They wanted to convey their brewing philosophy of "art + science," which supports the idea that the makers are creative in their brewing process and scientific in their approach.


This Marzen / Lager style beer sports the traditional blue diamond pattern that's seen as part of the historic and current Oktoberfest tradition. 

No Haze DIPA

Not all delicious double IPAs need to be hazy to be in the game. Mill House wanted to brew a great DIPA that supports this theory, and the stargazing design concept helped to drive this idea home. This design won a 2020 GDUSA Packaging Award.

"Our brand is a combination

of art & science"

Short Daze

Vienna Lager

Originally named the Vienna Lager, Short Days is a Vienna-style winter seasonal beer with a design that pays homage to Vienna's skyline, and a color palette that reflects this style's rich amber colors. 

PK Pale Ale

PK Pale Ale is a staple for the Mill House core lineup, and what better way to design the can than a rich green color palette and some fresh hops that make this pale ale delicious!

Grocery Getter:


The first Grocery Getter by Mill House, GG Tropical set the bar for the Grocery Getter collection, as well as the New England IPAs in their core lineup in general.

Grocery Getter:


GG Citrus New England IPA is the second Grocery Getter in Mill House's core lineup and a follow-up to the popular GG Tropical.


Coming UP

Everything's Coming Up needs to introduction or get it, right? ECU Tangerine is the first of 4 in this series of rotational beers.

Cross Reference

Cross Reference is the rotational series of Mill House's famous kettle sours beers...originally the Bridges Series reimagined. Cross Reference Blackberry is the first of 4.

The Crowler

Ah...the Crowler. Mill House went all-out when partnering with me on this one, giving the standard 32oz can a full top-to-bottom shrink wrap label. This allowed me to give the can a larger space for beer writing in beer information.

The Bridges Series

Packaging for Mill House "Bridges Series." Dry Hopped American Sour Pale Ales, which reflects the original core packaging but remains unique to the series. Silver metallic inks used. This packaging won a GDUSA American Package Design Award and publication.


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