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A refreshing and unique design approach sets this Beacon cafe apart 

Kitchen & Coffee

Location: Beacon, NY
Scope: brand identity, print, apparel, menu, packaging 

Agency: Rabe & Co.
Photos: Kitchen & Coffee, Rabe & Co.


An upstate New York, down-to-earth choice for gluten-free & vegetarian fare, plus baked goods, espresso & a cozy patio.

Kitchen & Coffee was a new take on a previously existing, well-known staple in town. It needed to feel like home, but also be set apart from the rest of the many cafés and coffee shops on main street.


The mark created is unique to K&C and is easily recognized and remembered, and the color palette is both mature and fun at the same time (ie. sophisticated with a pop of unexpected color). These choices prove to be a refreshing way to draw in folks of varying demographics.