"You only have a certain amount of time on this planet. Why would you do something you don't like?"

- John Contino, Weapons of Mass Creation 2013

Design to me is about visually-communicating, problem-solving, and strategy just as much as it's about being creative and making something look good. It needs a concept behind it in order to accomplish a specific goal. For that reason, I see my design work as "creativity with purpose," where I constantly strive to find the balance between creativity and strategy. I focus my work on design, branding, and art direction. I design for various applications, specializing in logo development & identity,

packaging, and apparel / product graphics. 

I work with a span of clients from startups & local businesses to global brands. I enjoy creating great design, visually-communicating, and supporting brands; whether it's helping a small startup look amazing and function well, or adding continued value to a large, more established brand (and everything in-between). Additionally, I often work with many faith-based organizations and non-profits in and around my community. Extending beyond design itself, my passions also lie in

networking, building client relationships, and mentoring other designers.




Thank God It's Monday

Principal Designer; 2008 - present


Rabe & Company

Senior Designer; 2019 - present


FAI Design Group

Designer; 2015 - 2018

Safari Sundays

Freelance Designer; 2015 


Original Skateboards

Art Director / Designer; 2013 - 2015


H2M Beverages

Senior Designer; 2010 - 2013

soul-destroying design job (the kind you talk about for years to come)

Designer; 2009 - 2010 


Straus Newspapers

Designer; 2008 - 2009


bachelor of arts- new media design :: 2004 - 2008


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