Client: Original Skateboards

Brand: Cell Bearings

Disciplines: branding, digital, packaging, product



Bamboo wood packaging for Cell was created, as well as screen-printed shield designs for the skateboard bearings. The shields are the first of their kind, being that no other bearings company has attempted to put any printed design aesthetic into this type of product. Four different graphics were created for the four different levels of bearings.


Website and mobile site also designed for Cell. Upon completion of the shield designs, the digital work was created to support the new brand.


Product photography: Chris Vanderyajt;  Logo design: Peter Steffen



Hey there! I'm Craig from the beautiful Hudson Valley area of NY. I'm a full time designer at Rabe & Coby day, while working with clients of my own by night... ranging from startups & local businesses to global brands. Feel free to drop a line and say hello!

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